Quickly becoming Dan’s best-known work, Requiem for the Living is a 40-minute, 5-movement work published by Hinshaw Music. Information below includes details of the three instrumentation options, ordering information, program notes, texts, and notable performances.




Available in three versions:

  • Chamber Ensemble:    flute/oboe/horn (optional)/perc (1 player)/ harp**/violin/cello with organ.
  • Expanded Chamber Ensemble* (combines the winds, harp**, and organ parts from the chamber ensemble version with the strings and percussion parts from the orchestral version):    flute/oboe/horn (optional)/perc (1 player)/timpani (optional)***/harp/strings (recommended minimum 3-4.3- with organ.
    • *This is the version performed by Bel Canto on Youtube and iTunes.
    • **Harp part for chamber and expanded chamber versions is different from orchestral harp part.
    • ***Expanded chamber version may be performed with the chamber version’s single-player percussion part, if needed.
  • Full Orchestra: Winds, Brass 2 (or 4).2.3.1, Percussion (1 player), Timpani (1 player), Harp, Strings (recommended minimum


ORDERING INFORMATION:Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 9.22.07 AM

Vocal scores available for sale through Hinshaw Music and other music distributors.

Full audio recording available digitally from iTunes, or as a physical CD from Hinshaw Music.

Perusal scores of all three versions available on rental ($15) from Hinshaw Music.

All three versions’ scores and parts for performance available on rental from Hinshaw Music.

Separate conductor’s scores (including beautiful hard-bound full orchestral scores) are also available for sale through Hinshaw Music.



For choirs who desire rehearsal tracks, former Chanticleer singer Matt Curtis (Choral Tracks, LLC) has a fine set available, with various options ranging from individual movements/parts, to a master license for all movements/all parts. Click here for more information.



(click to download; may be freely quoted in programs, papers, promotional material, etc)



(click here to download; all texts are public domain and may be freely quoted in programs, papers, etc.)



As of early 2014, within the first six months of publication, the Requiem has already been performed across the US, including a performance in Carnegie Hall, and is nearing a third printing. Numerous upcoming performances are scheduled in venues across the US, as well as a Canadian premiere (April 2014), a European premiere (France, July 2014), and a South African premiere (September 2014).


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