Illuminations: 9 hymn arrangements for solo piano, published in December 2013 by Beckenhorst Press. Includes transcriptions of several of Dan’s best-selling church choral anthems, as well as new arrangements. Click here for ordering.




Dan’s other collections of hymn arrangements for piano are published by SoundForth Music, which is now an imprint of Lorenz Music. Click here for product and ordering information for all Soundforth/Lorenz piano books.

  • remembrance.jpg In Remembrance Of Me: 10 reflective intermediate arrangements of hymns suitable for playing during communion services. *CD Recording also available.
  • prepare-him.jpg Prepare Him Room: 10 Christmas arrangements (mostly advanced) *CD Recording also available.
  • my-fathers-world.jpg My Father’s World: 10 hymn arrangements (mostly advanced)
  • fairest-lord-jesus.jpg Fairest Lord Jesus: 10 hymn arrangements (intermediate, but musically fulfilling even for more advanced pianists- I play these in church, myself!)
  • crown-him.jpg Crown Him Lord Of All: 5 early advanced piano duets (4 hands, 1 piano)
  • immortal.jpg Immortal, Invisible: 5 early advanced piano duets (4 hands, 1 piano)
  • easy seasonal cover Easy Seasonal Piano Solos Book 1: Easy but rewarding arrangements (some with teacher accompaniment), for Thankgiving and Christmas.
  • laud-and-honor.jpg Laud and Honor (Easy Seasonal Piano Solos Book 2): Easy but rewarding arrangements (some with teacher accompaniment), for Easter and Patriotic.

4 thoughts on “Piano

  1. Dan- Listened to all you sent home. Can’t choose a favorite. I feel as if I have been praying and meditating the whole time I listened to this music. Thanks for uplifting music. Love, MMOM

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  3. Dan,
    Terrific music – I come by every few weeks looking for new audio files and I am delighted with what I find! Praise the Lord for the talent He has given, and thank you for dedicating it to His glory!
    Keep up the good work,

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